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Training Handouts

HSELEC04 The Northampton Scout Amateur Radio Group ran its first proficiency badge course in 1981 and since then individual handouts have been produced covering a wide range of subjects. A number of these handouts relating to the Scout Electronics Badge are available to download from these pages and more will be added when time permits. HSELEC06

Handouts for the Scout Electronics Badge Course are listed below under subject headings. To download click on the Word icon Download Word File for Word format or the PDF icon Download PDF File for Adobe Acrobat format.

Constructional Techniques
Code Title Download
HSELEC01 How to Solder Download HSELEC01
HSELEC02 Constructional Techniques Download HSELEC02 - Constructional Techniques
HSELEC03 Test Equipment Download HSELEC03 - Test Equipment
Basic Electronics
Code Title Download
HSELEC04 Semiconductors Download HSELEC04 - Semiconductors
HSELEC05 Resistor Colour Code Download HSELEC05 - Resistor Colour Code
HSELEC06 Basic Electronics Explained (4 pages) Download HSELEC06 - Basic Electronics Explained
HSELEC07 Electronic Circuit Symbols (3 pages) Download HSELEC07 - Electronic Circuit Symbols
HSELEC08 Simple Digital Electronics Download HSELEC08 - Simple Digital Electronics
HSELEC09 Capacitors Download HSELEC09 - Capacitors

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