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Training Handouts

HSCOMM04 The Northampton Scout Amateur Radio Group ran its first proficiency badge course in 1981 and since then individual handouts have been produced covering a wide range of subjects relating to the Scout Communicator Badge Course. A number of these handouts are available to download from these pages and more will be added when time permits. HSCOMM18

Handouts for the Radio Communicator Badge Course are listed below under subject headings. To download click on the Word icon Download Word File for Word format or the PDF icon Download PDF File for Adobe Acrobat format.

An Introduction into Amateur Radio
Code Title Download
HSCOMM01 Amateur Frequency Allocations Download HSCOMM01
HSCOMM02 Amateur Radio, Understanding Callsigns Download HSCOMM02
HSCOMM03 Use of Radio Transmitting Equipment  
HSCOMM11 Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Download HSCOMM11
HSCOMM12 Amateur Radio - Learning by Listening  
HSCOMM13 Amateur Radio Abbreviations Download HSCOMM13
HSCOMM14 Prefixes of the United Kingdom Download HSCOMM14
HSCOMM21 Prefixes of Europe  
HSCOMM22 Club Prefixes of the United Kingdom  
HSCOMM26 Frequency Spectrum  

Propagation of Radio Waves
Code Title Download
HSCOMM04 Ionospheric Propagation Download HSCOMM04
HSCOMM05 Tropospheric Propagation Download HSCOMM05
HSCOMM07 Sporadic E Propagation  
HSCOMM09 Maximum Usable Frequency  
HSCOMM10 Sunspots & Radio Waves  
HSCOMM15 Frequency Prediction Charts  

Tuning Communications Receivers
Code Title Download
HSCOMM06 Tuning the FRG7000 Receiver  
HSCOMM08 Tuning the FRG8000 Receiver  
HSCOMM27 Tuning the R600 Receiver  

Amateur Radio Antennas
Code Title Download
HSCOMM17 Amateur Radio Aerials  
HSCOMM18 The Beam Antenna Download HSCOMM18
HSCOMM20 The Dipole Antenna  

Repeaters and Satellites
Code Title Download
HSCOMM16 Packet Radio - An Introduction  
HSCOMM19 Satellite Communication  
HSCOMM2 Repeaters  
HSCOMM28 Heavenly Bodies - Satellites  
HSCOMM29 Slow Scan Television - An Introduction  

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