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Staged Activity Badges

The Northampton Scout Amateur Radio Group provides Radio Scouting and associated activities for the Scouts in Northampton and surrouding area.

The computer has supported the Radio Group for many years both as a  training aid in the production of our training material and also as a valuable tool used for decoding the many and varied signals heard on the amateur radio bands such as Radio Teletype, Packet Radio, Slow Scan Television and Weather Satellite transmissions. The interest in computers continues to grow as the internet develops and the associated technologies and skills are more and more important to the Radio Scouting programme.

The Digital Maker staged activity badges offer a young person the opportunity of gaining an award appropriate to their individual level of knowledge. As they develop their IT skills they can progress onto the next stage, regardless of which section of the movement they belong too.

The five badges are summarised below. Click on a badge to view the requirements in detail. 

Stage 1

Connection of computer peripherals, game design, website editing and robot game playing.

  Stage 2

Device connectivity, use of different platforms or operating systems, game design, basic website design and creation of programmable instructions for a device.

Stage 3

Computer troubleshooting, make a game prototype, multipage website design and robot construction.

  Stage 4

Set up a home network, run an alternative operating system, design a game, create fully functional website with database and build a robot with sensor input.

Stage 5

Run a webserver, make a game or app that serves a purpose, make a website that serves a purpose and make your own robot.

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