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Badge Requirements

  1. Connect two devices and exchange data between them using WiFi, Bluetooth or a cable.
  2. Show that you can use two different platforms or operating systems. They could be systems that run different devices such as computers, tablets, phones or games consoles.
  3. Design a game
  4. Make a cartoon, animation or video of a game using a video camera or other equipment.
  5. Create some pseudo code to explain how some parts of your game will work. Pseudo code is an instruction for the computer to follow, but is not written in a specific language.
  6. Design a sequence of a game, like a whole level or an in-game puzzle.
  7. Design a single page website. You can use a design tool but writing HTML code would be fine too.
  8. Create a set of instructions for a programmable Robot, turtle or toy to follow. Games like Minecraft can help you do this

Top tips

We know there are lots of difficult words like 'data' and 'pseudocode' here. Don't let it put you off, find and give it a try. Websites like can help.

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