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Badge Requirements

Complete all of the items below to achieve Stage 3, showing that you have thought about the potential risks and how to stay safe for each activity
  1. Plan, make, edit and share a piece of digital media. It could be artwork or a photograph that you alter using creative tools, music, animation, CAD (Computer Aided Design) or a 3D sculpture.
  2. Explore social networking sites that are appropriate for your age, then create an example of a good social network profile.
  3. Show that you know how to: use anti-virus software .
  4. Show that you know how to: set up or adjust settings for accessibility.
  5. Show that you know how to: recover from a frozen programme or screen.
  6. Use the internet for research:
  7. decide on aspecific area of interest.
  8. use at least two different search engines, using operators like AND, NOT and OR in the search box
  9. collect information by using bookmarks or favourites. Save URLs or use a social bookmarking tool like Diigo, Reddit, StumbleUpon, or digg.
  10. select specific, reliable information relevant to your area of research.
  11. create a structured display of the information you have gathered. You could do this in a document, on a website or using a social tool such as Pinterest. share your research with other people, for example by email, on the web, by MMS or social media.
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