Communicator Badge

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Badge Requirements

How to earn your badge

Choose from one of the five options. Then complete all the tasks under your chosen option.

Option 1: Radio Communication

You automatically gain this activity badge if you already hold, or go for, any of these qualifications:

•Radio Amateur Licence (Foundation, Intermediate or Full)
•Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence and Authority to Operate
•Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence.

If not, complete all of these.


  1. Log 25 different amateur radio stations. Note the date, time, call sign, frequency, readability and location. You may include some broadcast stations.
  2. Show how to tune a simple communications receiver.
  3. Give an example of a typical greetings message.
  4. Explain in simple terms how radio waves travel around the world. Learn the more commonly used HF and VHF amateur frequency bands.
  5. Learn the phonetic alphabet and define at least eight international Q code signals.
  6. Show that you can recognise call signs from the UK and near continent.
  7. Visit an amateur radio station.
  8. Learn the regulations governing the use of amateur radio equipment.